SPD 2013 Workflow Call HTTP web service action to create item in BMC Remedy 3rd party application

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I am trying to create a Work Order in BMC Remedy from a SharePoint list item creation within a SPD 2013 Workflow Call HTTP web service action.  I am not getting a response from the BMC Remedy server.  I have never used the Call HTTP web service action to call a 3rd part app, only SharePoint to SharePoint.  Is this even possible?  If so, how can I troubleshoot?  Installing Fiddler on workflow manager and running as the service account, it doesn't show the headers I'm passing in the HTTP web service call.  Thanks!

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@Mark Montoya Can you try writing  the Web Service Response Code to the History List and let us what is the response you are getting. One more check make sure the service request URL which you are making is accessible from the server where your SharePoint is installed it's only applicable to on-prem installation



@Vikram_Samal InternalServerError is the Response code, It's BadRequest when I don't include the Authorization = " " header value.