SP Form Header Json Issue

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Hello, I am trying to add some numbers from several choice columns in the form header to display a total. When I try to add them it just put both numbers instead of performing the addition.

                    "elmType": "div",
                    "txtContent": "='Overall Score: '+([$Sort_x002d_1_x002e_Misc_x002e_eq]+[$Sort_x002d_2_x002e_Itemsareprese])"


Why does this output Overall Score : 44 instead of Overall Score : 8



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@SG523 Try using this:


"txtContent": "='Overall Score: ' + toString(Number([$Sort_x002d_1_x002e_Misc_x002e_eq]) + Number([$Sort_x002d_2_x002e_Itemsareprese]))"


For more information about functions used & their syntax, check: JSON formatting operators  

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Thank you for the great response! That worked perfectly and now I understand why thanks to the link!