SiteScripts - setRegionalSettings - action failed

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I created SiteTemplate with SiteScript and everything works well except "setRegionalSettings". I just cannot get it to work with my locale settings. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn't


So my settings are

"verb": "setRegionalSettings",
"timeZone": 6, /* UTC + 1 */
"locale": 1060, /* Slovenian */
"sortOrder": 34, /* Slovenian */
"hourFormat": "24"


Is there any log of errors to debug errors with SiteScripts? It just shows "Action Failed".

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Hi Did you also try with the default/other timezones?

If so i would suggest to create a github issue


Hi, I did and it works for the provided example (Croatian) but also there are some problems time to time...I will create an issue on github also. Thx!
Unfortunately there is not a way to debug your site scripts...if they are well formed, then you can only apply to your sites. There are tools that can help here such as: