Site Design - Action Failed (Add to Hub site and Flow)


Has anyone seen issues where Site Designs intermittently report "action failed"?  I have a site design that joins the site to a Hub and calls a Flow.  These actions work fine 80 - 90% of the time.  Occasionally the "Add to Hub site" action will report "Action failed".  But in these cases, the site actually still gets joined to the Hub, so I can ignore this.  But its still disconcerting.


The bigger concern is that the Flow trigger action also reports "action failed" occasionally.  I've also seen where the Site Design simply "hangs" while executing the Flow trigger (just spins indefinitely) and in this case the Flow does NOT get initiated at all.  I've also seen cases where the site design panel is not displayed at all and in this case, the site still gets joined to the Hub, but the Flow is not called.


These issues only occur 10 -20% of the time, so I believe my site design is valid.  Any thoughts?

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