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My company is moving to Sharepoint and I am part of a team responsible for the initial build and management. 


Something my C-level leaders would like is to embed the Sharepoint global-search function into the corporate landing page.


I can embed the page itself into the Hubsite and the search feature works but my seniors would like a more elegant look. 

I would like to know if I am able to embed ONLY the search bar into our Corporate page so users can search the entire catalogue rather than just what is in that page.


Hope that makes sense. Any advice would be helpful. 



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Hi @Sharepointadim207

You can try creating a search vertical as explained here:  



I don't seem to have that option. When I go to Search & Intelligence page page I only see "Configurations" 


Would this have anything to do with the fact that I am only a sharepoint admin?


I'm also attempting to run this through powershell but continually get blocked from signing into my organization. 

Hello @Sharepointadim207 


yes, you need to be a Search Admin for more configuration.


Also it's possible to configure your search box with PowerShell, so you can change the scope:


Best, Dave

Not sure what I'm doing wrong or if my version of Sharepoint Online Management Shell is out of date. I am logging in as an admin
PS C:\Windows\system32 Connet-PNPOnline -URL ....
"The Term 'Connect-PNPOnline' is not a recognized as the name of a cmdlet