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We have created a principal site and 3 other sub site (correspond with 3 different compagnies).

In principal site we want to put all informations related to our company.

When we enter a second-hand cars’ (VO) list, we need to dispatch this cars in the 3 sub site (company A, compagny B, compagny C).

Ex : Ford  à company A

       Peugeot à compagny B

       Citroen à company C

       Audi à compagny A + C

When you update VO list, this automatically update the 3 other sub site. How to do this ? We want to use Designer but someone say us that you can use this only for a principal site not for 3 or more sites.

After, if someone want one car, he can put as an option and this information must go up in principal site.

This is possible ? Can you advise us ?


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This is the kind of scenario that should not be addressed with native SharePoint workflows. Assuming you are using SPO, I would recommend you to explore Flow possibilities to meet your requirements