Sharepoint with React.

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HI All,


am planning to work on sharepoint with React application. am new to this integration stuffs. I have knowledge in React and Sharepoint. But I dont have any idea How to start integrate both.


Can anyone pleae share the sample step how to setup the environment and sampe application.


Thanks in Advance.



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Hi @Ramadurai Uthami,


I would start with


When running:


yo @microsoft/sharepoint


you shoudl select React when being asked about the framework.

Thank you . I just followed the above like. It works fine . But I dont know how to deploy this webpart in SharePoint 2013. 


Can you assist me How to deploy in SharePoint 2013 On-premise




No.  :(


The new SPFx is not available in SharePoint On-premises. I would expect that it will become availabel at some point for SharePoint 2016. Not sure if this will ever become available in 2013.

Thank you . 


So we could use the React only in Sharepoint Online and Office 365. not in Sharepoint onpremise ??



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You could use React in SharePoint On-Premise, but not (yet) using SPFx. But you could simply use a script editor webpart and place the correct script directives in it for using React and start scripting. Just as you would do using other frameworks or libraries. You could also use other techniques to get it available on your pages (use page layout, inject javascript using user custom action, etc).

Thank you so much for needful information.



Can we use the Npm package in Sharepoint On premise rather than uploading the js files.




Well you could also use CDN rather then uploading it to SharePoint. And you could use your tool chain of choice in your IDE how to package, bundle etc.