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Hi all.


I wish to know what is the frequency of webhooks notification. When there is a change in a list, how long does it take for the notification to fire? I ask because I am using webhooks, and sometimes takes 5 seconds, but sometimes it takes 1-5 minutes, or only fires when i make another change.


Many thanks!

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This frequency is not documented somewhere and notifications are supposed to fired almost inmediately so somehting seems to be wrong here if you are having situations where they are fired after 1- - 5 minutes

This is expected behavior. Webhooks are not "real time". When you make a change in the list, the event is put on a queue. The queue is read about every 1 minute. 

Imagine a scenario where you batch update 100 records. You wouldn't want 100 webhooks events to call your service. You'd want 1 call, with the changeToken which then you could use to find all 100 changes that happened. 

If you have a lot of changes in the system, the more messages on the queue, the longer it will take for the webhook call out to execute.

But if there are 100 changes in the queue or only 1, it will take about the same 1 minute for the webhook to fire?
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@Catalino   A couple things at play. The number of changes in the system, current load on the system. I've seen webhooks fire quickly and I've seen them take minutes. As mentioned, it's not real-time and we shouldn't expect the webhooks to be real-time.

What is important is making sure your endpoints are available to listen when the requests are being sent. e.g, making sure your service responds within 5 seconds of receiving an event.