Sharepoint webhook vs. Azure function. What to use when?

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Nowadays new possibilities keep coming very frequent. I'm a bit lost.

What shall I use when? Suppose, after an item is added to a list I want to execute some custom code.

I do, at least, have two options.

- A SharePoint webhook (using app registrations and so on).

- A Azure function (with or without Flow to trigger)


Maybe there are other options. But what is the easiest way to use in which scenario?

I am not a C# developer so I look for options to avoid that.


Thanks, Mike

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I would personally pick the 2nd option if it can fulfill the requirements as it's a much simpler setup in my opinion. This is particularly true in the long term, as if someone else needs to look into your solution and maintain it.


@Joel Rodrigues Indeed, that's what I would prefer.


Btw @Andrew Connell, I saw a response from you in my mail but it's not in this thread anymore. I do have a question though. Do you mean to use an Azure function without Flow?

I think it really depends what you want to do.

@Deleted By default I try to avoid custom code in SharePoint as much as possible. However, sometimes you do not have any other options. So if I NEED to use custom code I think the Flow/Functions option will be my way to go. Have it in small "parts" so easy to maintain by others. For example in a current scenario I need to copy a listitems from a subsites to a list at site-collection level. Nothing too special but I need the "new-item" trigger.