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Is it possible to create a calendar within a SharePoint webpage that pulls through entries from other calendars that sit on a number of other sites / subsites ?

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Yes! The sites have to be connected through one Hub site. Then the calendar webpart will be able to share content between different sites. You can easily configure a hub site through the SharePoint Admin Center.

Thanks @ArefHalmstrand Going to investigate further. One the issues I have is that the SharePoint we are trying to progress is built on Classical. My understanding is that this it quite restrictive ?

Do you have SharePoint On-premises or SharePoint Online ?

Hi @ArefHalmstrand SharePoint on-line

Great! You can upgrade it into a modern site by creating a communication site. Then go into the SharePoint admin center and swap site location for the two sites. The old one will be archived while the new will be your main. Note that documents and other relevant information should be migrated to the new site, before swapping.