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Hi All,

I am working in SPFX with angular 2. I wanted to use sharepoint type script in my project. I have installed the sharepoint type script with npm command "typings install dt~sharepoint --global --save". When i tried to build the project with gulp serve command it give me 43 error all are in sharepoint dt.The error is "Error - typescript - typings\globals\sharepoint\index.d.ts(11190,40): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'Sys'." It seems some depency is not installed but i could not able to figure out which one. Please share your knowledge with me to fix this problem.


i want to use the sharepoint global variable _spPageContextInfo in typescript fir this reason i need sharepoint typescript reference that i get by "typings install dt~sharepoint --global --save". when try to build the project with gulf server it gives me avove error.

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couple of comments:
- in order to install typings, you should use npm instead of Typings:
npm install @types/sharepoint --save-dev
- Sys is not a sharepoint type. I think it comes from Microsoft AJAX.
- not sure if a spfx webpart can access the _spPageContextInfo variable (I remember @PatrickRodgers had some issues with the PnP JS library because the spPageContextInfo variable was not available on the spfx).
- why do you need that spPageContextInfo variable? I'm asking cos you have some "context" info in the spfx webpart:
Sorry, I was wrong about using _spPageContextInfo. it's possible to use it on spfx (I think the issue I remember is when using the Local workbench)
This sample

is using that variable, but I don't see the sharepoint typings. Instead, it's creating a custom interface with all _spPageContextInfo properties, and declaring the variable as:

declare const _spPageContextInfo: IPageContext;

Where IPageContext is a custom interface defined here:

This looks like an issue with the typings being out of sync. As a first step I suggest that you make sure you have the latest generator installed and create a new project and see if that builds properly. The scaffolded project will include TypeScript.


Angular 2 (aka Angular) is not yet fully supported in SPFx, but there is a prototype sample at