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My company Sharepoint Site has an extremely basic Top Level Page that the administrator does not want to touch for now.


However, I'm trying to promote the use of SharePoint Designer at a sublevel page only, before I suggest we spread it across the whole company and its subdepartments, so my question is, is it possible just to change the look/theme of a subsite and leave the top level site alone?


I currently only have USER permission rights on the page and looks like the SharePoint Designer has bee disabled at the moment, so I am unable to get in there and have a try.


Any help or useful suggestion would be appreciated,


Kindest Regards,

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Is this SharePoint OnPremises or SharePoint the way, the answer to your question is "Yes", you can customize the Look & Feel of a subsite without afecting the top level site

Its SharePoint online (Office 365), and thanks, just trying to justify the way it looks at subsite level with the changes I am able to make before I try to persuade them to do it at the top level and every other department. So looks like I am going to be the guinea pig for the subsite.