SharePoint throttling by cache refresh

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Hi All,


In SharePoint Online, I am calling api  "/_api/web/HubSiteDataAsStream" to get the hub site navigation details in custom SPFX app. But because of cache, this api wont get recent data. If I send parameter 'true' (/_api/web/HubSiteDataAsStream(true)), then it retrieves fresh set of data. 


Here my question is, we are using this SPFX app in around 20000 sites, and app loads when any site opened by user. So if I refresh the cache by sending parameter 'true' every time site loads, will it cause throttling? so will it effects performance issues?



Mahesh Manja


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@maheshmanja I've done similar, I haven't had any issues at scale with calling this for my custom navigation I built.

Thanks a lot Cameron for your reply.
You mean by sending 'true' parameter to api (which refresh the cache) wont make any impact on the site performance? So throttling will be negligible even api call happens with param in thousands of the site at same time?