‎SharePoint suggestions api has stopped returning results‎

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I have a custom search solution that uses search suggestions api:


This api endpoint used to work before but has started returning empty results lately.

I also checked on other tenants as well, the api doesn't return results on all tenants (it used to return results before).

I have a query suggestions text file in place as explained here

Steps to reproduce

  1. Login to any SharePoint online tenant
  2. Add a query suggestions text document like the one attached below by following steps mentioned here
  3. Try to query the suggestions after waiting for at least 24 hours after adding the query suggestions
  4. Test the api endpoint after 24 hours of waiting: /_api/search/suggest?querytext='tes'&inumberofquerysuggestions=10&fprequerysuggestions=true&fprefixmatchallterms=true&culture=1033

Expected behavior

If the query suggestions have been added, the suggestions api should return suggestions for any text that belongs in the suggestions text file

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