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I m new to SPX development and I have created my first web part using Vs Code and run successfully, but when I do changes on the code and then run the code it won't reflect the changes on Sharepoint even I removed and re add the web part. 

Every time I create a new project and do the changes it will reflect without issue, I was thinking it will be a cache issue on browser and I remove the cache, but still not reflecting the changes. 


can someone please help me. 


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Hi @nipW ,

let me understand better :)

Did you install on app catalog?

If yes, did you deploy / update a new versione?

My hint is to execute npm clean before gulp bundle --ship and gulp package-solution --ship




Hi @nipW 


Like @Federico Porceddu mentioned, if this happens when deploying a new version of the app, make sure that you update the version on config > package-solution.json

Keeping the same app version number on different code versions can lead to this issue.

Hi Federico,

No I haven't installed it, I m using local host Work bench with gulp serve. If i create a new project and run gulp serve then the new project will reflect, but if you do a small modification and re run the gulp serve and re add the web part I cannot see the changes. 



I think public CDN is enabled on your tenant, could be the reason why your are facing this caching stuff.

Please check the reference of your assets is it coming form a public CDN or not, if it is a Public CDN and it take sometime to update the assets over there post your changes.

Refer below for more idea on public CDN


HI Ujwaln,

Thanks for your reply, could you you please explain to me why I need to worry about the tenancy setting as I m trying to running on the local host.



Hi Nipuna,


What happens when you browse https://localhost:4321, does it get served or do you see any issues:


1) Check if you have added dev cert using gulp dev cert

2) If the above site gives protocol error you need add a environment variable as mentioned here

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Hi Vishwanatha,


Thanks for your reply, seems to be it is working now. But I haven't done any specific changes, so I cannot post the answer/ findings.

Only thing that I can think of is save every changes before run the gulp serve. 


Thanks all.