Sharepoint Sort by Czech Alphabet (or set locale)

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Dear community,


I'm sorry if the question was already asked but I couldn't find any. 


I would like to ask, if it's possible to sort by (order by) alphabet (which works fine) but to specify Czech alphabet, which has specific letters in addition to English. We have built employee directory based on LocalePeopleResults (package PnP Modern Search Solution) in Sharepoint but we are unable to sort by Czech alphabet. Therefore for example letter "Č" which is after letter "C" is at the end of directory as special character. Our sharepoint site language is set to Czech, basically everything is in Czech, but not the alphabet. 


Would you have any recommendation what we could try or if we can set locale in KQL? Custom managed property probably can not be used as number of employees is not final.


Thank you in advance.


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