Sharepoint rest api search - Lookup field issue

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I have this query:'ContentType:PROJ_hours'&selectproperties='PROJSearchName%2cPROJSearchcode%2cPROJSearchDescr'

This should return:


Hour Codes

Hour Code description


When I enter a new "PROJ_hours" in a list I select a name and an Hour code. The Hour Code is a lookup to another list. I have configured this that the description of this Hour Code is also returned to the list. Working fine.


I have created managed properties from the crawled properties for all three fields.


Somehow this Hour Code Description does return "null" Configured this more than a week ago so full crawl has been done and also entered new values in the list.


Now I have two approaches:

1. Get this working as it should be ;) Should I use the $expand option? But how do I use it in a querytext string?


2. First fire the query above to get the "hour code" and then, for each record, fire a query on the Hour code list to read the description.


3. Fire a second query to get the whole "hour code" list and join the two.


Allthough the second option is not a nice one, will this be very consuming? Doe this really slow down my application?


Thanks, Mike

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