SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-Ins with Node.js and ReactJS

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Hello Everyone,


I would like to know if we can create SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-Ins with Node.js as Backend and the Fronted UI/UX Components using React or Vue. If yes, do I need to us SharePoint Rest APIs to access the SharePoint Site from my Backend or can I use JSOM?


Your answers are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!



Sirbuland Khan

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Any reason why you do not want to use SPFx?

Replying to your question, yes it's possible as I've done it once, before SPFx was available. But at the time it was a bit harder as I had to deal with all the authentication and ended up using a package from npm to help - can't remember the name... But yes, it's possible
Thanks Joel!!

Yes, I'm considering SharePoint Framework for creating Client Side WebParts. But this would only allow me to work with parts of a page, wherein I'm planning on a Solution. SharePoint 2013 On-Prem had Sandbox Solution option. I think which is no longer the case for SharePoint Online.
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@Sirbuland_Khan perhaps single part app pages with SharePoint Framework web parts could be a solution for you?
SharePoint Framework would give you tremendous advantages, like authentication, possibility to call graph and 3rd party APIs using Azure AD, etc...