SharePoint PnP Webcast – Provisioning SharePoint assets for your SharePoint Framework solution



In this PnP Webcast, we covered diffrent options around provisioning SharePoint assets to SharePoint sites as part of the SharePoint Framework solution package. Typical scenario would be a requirement to have a list(s) for a client-side web part in the site, when the solution is installed. This list should obviously get provisioned automatically for the site, when package is taken into use. This webcast shows different options on how to make this happen in practice and also specific demo around the feature framework based provisioning from SharePoint Framework solution packages.


More details from following blog post at


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Great video maybe some things that can not be done by pnp now can be done via this way thanks!

@Vesa Juvonen I think this is a step backwards and will be used alot by feature framework people as it is familar terratory to them.  I had hoped we had seen the last of the feature framework and all of the problems it brings and it would be left to wither on the vine with the advent of PnP provisioning and SPFx. 

I was on the bi-weekly PnP-Core web meeting and asked @Vesa Juvonen about this video and I think he said that only a small proportion of the Feature Framework had been implemented.  If this is the case could we have a list of what has been implemented and what has not been implemented.

Hi Nigel,

we covered supported element manifest elements in the presentation and in video. Here's also link to official documentation around this capability -