SharePoint PnP Webcast – Building Angular SharePoint Framework Client Web Part




In this PnP Web Cast we concentrated on covering how to use Angular in your SharePoint Framework client side web part. We go throught the steps on adding Angular on the SP Fx web part project and build a simple task tracking solution. Actual tasks are not saved to SharePoint in this sample, since we wanted to concentrate on showing the Angular integration part, without additional complexity. You can certainly extend your implementation to talk to SharePoint lists for task CRUD operations. We also cover how to use ngOfficeUIFabric to help on making your Angular based client side web part UI consistent with SharePoint. ngOfficeUIFabric is community driven initiative to have Angular 1.x directives for Office UI Fabric components.


Notice. When this webcast was released SharePoint Framework was in Developer Preview, which means that the client web parts should not yet use in production at SharePoint Online.


Presentation covers following topics:

  • Steps to include Angular to your solution
  • Steps to get started on the Angular development with SP Fx

Web cast demo shows following details

  • Walk-through of the sample todo web part
  • Steps on creating your SP Fx project for the Angular implementation
  • Adding Angular and ngOfficeUIFabric dependencies
  • Creating controller and data service for your Angular app
  • Using correct Office UI Fabric version in your app
  • How to change your property pane to be reactive or non-reactive
  • Broadcasting property pane updates from SP Fx to Angular app


Web cast presenters: Waldek MastykarzVesa Juvonen


Presentation used in this web cast is available from


Source code for used client side web part will be shared during upcoming days at


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I've created shownotes for this excellent webcast by Vesa and Waldek.



Prerequisites: Please setup your development environment before trying to create the same demo:


You also should have tsd installed:

In nodeJS run:


npm install tsd -g


If you want to quickly go to any part of the webcast click the link next to it..





Theory: Using Angular in SP FX web parts


Demo: Introduction Demo


Demo: Start Demo by Waldek


Demo: reactive mode VS non-reactive mode


Demo: Description of the Angular App in Visual Studio


Demo: Create the Angular App from scratch step-by-step


Demo:  Use Yomen to create the SPFX project


Demo: Check what has been created so far


Demo: Install Angular and Angular-Office-UI-Fabric


Demo: Install Angular Typings


Demo: Add the Angular App to the project


Demo: Add the Angular App to the WebPart


Demo: Explenation of renderedOnce in the Angular App


Demo: Change the Display property for tasks from Textfield to Toggle


Demo: First try after setting everything up


Demo: Fix the different Office-UI-Fabric version problem


Demo: Create the connection between the Angular App and the WebPart Property pane


Demo: Demo the completed Angular App in the WebPart


Demo: Change the property pane from reactive mode to non-reactive mode


Back to Vesa for wrap-up



Somehow the techcommunity website does something weird on the formatting of the shownotes. I'll look into that.