SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) - June 2017 monthly community call recording



This is the recording of PnP monthly community call from Tuesday 13th of June 2017.PnPmonthly community calls are for covering changes in the SharePoint PnPinitiative during past month, provide credits for all the community contributors and for demonstrating new capabilities with community demos. You can download recurrent invite to monthly community calls from


Here's agenda for May 2017 call with direct links to specific sections, if you want to directly jump to a specific topic (will move to PnP YouTube Channel).


  • May 2017 PnP component usage and GitHub metrics - 3:43
  • Top 15 most accessed samples during April 2017 in SharePoint / PnP side - 6:15
  • Scaling PnP initiative gradually after summer - 8:55
  • New and updated samples, solutions and components with this release - 12:19
  • Community contributors and companies which have been involved - 14:58
  • Demo - Concrete example of bot integration with intranet solution - Franck Cornu (aequos) - 19:40

  • Demo - Using side panels with SPFx solutions & Building permission aware inline field customizer using SPFx extensions - Alex Terentiev (SharePointalist) - 34:55

  • Demo - Building Data Access Layer for JavaScript-based implementations - Ron Tielke (Microsoft) - 46:43


Notice that during summer time, we won't have July monthly community, webcasts or PnP Core / PowerShell SIG meetings. We'll get back to normal schedule starting from early August. Special Interest Group (SIG) around SharePoint Framework and JavaScript development will continue having bi-weekly meetings during summer as well. 


If you have any questions related to covered topics or any other feedback, do no hesitate to start a discussion.

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