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Hoping to get some feedback on best technical direction for a particular SharePoint solution.


We’re using SharePoint to manage ~100 projects across our business unit.  We have a ‘Project’ list which has various fields associated with the project.  And we have several other lists which are children of the project list such as ‘risks’, ‘requirements’ and ‘status report’.  I would like to have a single page in SharePoint for each project where stakeholders go to reference project status and details.  To do this, there needs to be a filter for the lists to only show risks, requirements, etc. specific to that project page.  So that’s the background.


What I’d like to do is have a web page template defined such that when I add a entry to the project list, a new web page is created based on the template.  This page would only have data specific to the new project so any queries to lists (project, risks, etc.) would somehow have filters built on page generation to only show list details for that particular project.  


Any suggestions or references to samples on how to put this together?  In particular, the ability for a page to be generated that embeds filters to lists based on project being added to a list.


Many thanks!

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This sounds like a pretty typical provisioning scenario. Take a look at doing something like this:


  • Create an Azure Function which accepts parameters based on what you need
  • Run a Flow when an item is created in the Project List which calls the Function and passes params based on list columns
  • Azure Function creates site/page/provisions elements to page etc