Sharepoint online will not index sites created using REST API.

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I have created few team sites using SharePoint Rest API and Flow. Flow can be manually triggered from a list. Based on the data in the list, a new site gets created. Flow creates a new site and an associated office 365 group. Add default owners. Applies site design and attaches the site to a hub. Everything seems to be working fine and looks okay on the front end. However, sites do not inherit theme from hub sites. And sites do not show up in search results. 


Can someone tell me what might be the possible reasons? The sites were created about 2-3 days ago. I have also tried to manually request the reindexing of site today morning using site settings. But that has not helped.

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Is there any content in the newly created site to crawl any content and return the results back?



Thank you for replying. Most of these sites are blank. I have one site that has about GB of data in the form of files. That site isn't showing up in search either.


I have created few sites manually. Some of them actually show up even if they do not having any content. I am just wondering if there is anything about REST API that I might have missed. 


I am experience exactly the same problem. Uploading files to SharePoint Online with REST API the files are not searchable. It is shown in the list but if I search for the filename it does not find it.
If I upload the file again it is searchable after a couple of minutes.
Seems that the background index does not recognize that the file is uploaded the first time.


Anyone experienced the same issue and has solved it?