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Hello, newbie here,

I have a site collection with 2 subsites. I created a content type at site collection level and a List in subsite B implementing that content type. Now I want subsite A members to have Create only permission on the list with no other permission on subsite B.

How should I achieve this?

I tried giving create/read permissions only to the list to the Members of subsite A but they still get Access Denied error.


Two ideas came to my mind

1) give access to subsite B and manually deny permissions on each List and Library but the list I want to share. This doesn't look like a good practice tho because I'll need to specifically deny permission on each new element I'll create in the future

2) Create a List in subsite A and use a Flow to save any created element from subsite A List to subsite B list but this doesn't feel the right way either


thanks for any suggestion

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Just out of my head, did not verify:


Create a group [G] at site collection level which contains the members of subsite A.

Add [G] to subsite A members group and remove all individual users.

Give [G] create only permissions on subsite B's list by creating a new 'create only' permission set. 


Hope that works.

Thanks for the answer. I didn't try your solution but our needs changed and now the users need to edit the items after creation. I ended up simply adding a link to the list in the subsite A. Now users can create items from their own subsite.