SharePoint Online site Shortcut Won't Open with Browser "Back" and "Forward" Controls in Mobile iOS

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I have a large SharePoint Online site and an iPhone 11 Pro cellphone.   These are the steps:  1.  I go to my large SharePoint Online Site on Safari on my cellphone and try to "Add to Home Screen" as a shortcut.   2.  BUT when I open the short cut (on my phone), instead of opening my SharePoint site immediately on the Safari browser, the shortcut opened it in a weird browser with no "back" and "forward" controls (that are located at the bottom of the browser).   *Everything worked fine until the iOS 13 upgrade.

Conclusion:  I want the "Back" and "Forward" navs to appear in the horizontal bottom bar in my weird browser OR to have the shortcut immediately open (my SharePoint Online site) in Safari!

Here is my meta tag:  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, viewport-fit=cover"/>
I have commented out my CSS files and my Javascript files and still got the same error so that did not seem to have caused the issue.

Please HELP ASAP!  Thank you!

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The answer to this is found here:
You would insert a javascript snippet to cancel the browser's full-screen mode:
function cancelFullScreen() {
var doc = window.document;
var cancelFullScreen = doc.exitFullscreen || doc.mozCancelFullScreen || doc.webkitExitFullscreen || doc.msExitFullscreen;;
<body onload="cancelFullScreen()">