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I have following requirement to be implemneted in Sharepoint online.


1. Create a list on every users personal site.

2. Every user can only read/write data onto the list on their personal site and should not have read permission to the list created on other users personal site.

3. List will have a column "AssignedTo" of type People/Group 

3. When an Item is added to the list, an automatic copy of the item should be created on the other user's (defined in the AssignedTo column) list in personal site  and an email will be set to both the users (Creator + Assignedto)



Is it possible to achive above functionality using remote event reciver or workflow? can we make remote event reciver or workflow to have app permission? any other better approach?


Note -I dont want to use provider hosted app.




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You can try with SharePoint Designer 2013 list workflow may it can be full fill your requirement.

Create the list item using REST call in SharePoint Designer 2013 list workflow. 

I think you should take a look to the posibilites Azure functions can bring you here and trying to use them vs. the Remote Event Receiver + Workflow approach



Thanks for your reply.


I think creating item using WCF service runs under users + APP context? As the creator will not have access to the list on other user personal site, will it still work?


FYI - I have already worked on workflow and using WCF in workflows.


My only concern is about per permissions required for workflow to wite data where the WF intiator dont have access.



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No,Permissions not required for workflow to write data.