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Is there a way to connect existing site page as a translated version of another already existing page in the main site language? Let's say I have 100 English pages and 100 french pages and I want to link the French pages as a translated versions of the English ones. Is there a way this can be done via REST API requests so that I can avoid recreating all those pages again. I read that there are few properties responsible for linking the translations

"_SPIsTranslation": "Yes", 
"_SPIsTranslation.value": "1", 
"_SPTranslatedLanguages": "", 
"_SPTranslationLanguage": "fi-fi", 
"_SPTranslationSourceItemId": "{07EF5378-90FF-4560-AF28-E0A759DDBAF4}" 

However I can't find a way to change any of them.

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@retrofuture hello, I've been struggling with the same issue and counterintuitively enough, not even Site Collection Admins seem to be able to overwrite the relevant fields for site pages. This is a major flaw in the Multi-language setup of SharePoint. I suggest we join forces and open this as a UserVoice request. 


However, I will be trying to find a workaround with Power Automate and get back to you here in case I am successful.