sharepoint online link redirects to pages library instead of actual page

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I've create classic page under pages library and using classic experience only, not modern. 

I have put page link on another page and when click on page link, it redirect to pages library instead of that page.


Pls help ASAP.

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I have seen this in a couple occasions ..please use this 

Create a  custom list to contain links, including a 'category' choice fieldList.png

And then displayed it on a modern page using the "List (preview)" web part:



The links are clickable in this web part and open the target page as expected

there is understanding gap for the issue.

Issue is:

I have page 1 created in pages library (classic UI).

I have another page called page 2.

On Page 2 there is html ancor tag links to page 1.

when click on that link, it shoud redirect to Page 1 but its redirecting to pages document library.

@Biraj Bhalodia , I am observing the exact same behavior, except the link to my classic page is in the left navigation. The behavior is also inconsistent; sometimes it opens the page, other times it opens the pages library. Did you ever figure out how to fix this issue?

I have the same issue. The only way I can get it to work is to set the Page Library to Classic view. So, it seems Microsoft needs to take a look at the coding that manages the Classic/Modern Views when switching between both.