Sharepoint Online Form Header does not save the Formatting but does display the preview correctly

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It would be of a great help if this can be solved, I have a SharePoint online List where i am trying to Customize the Header, I have a script which does give me the required preview but when i click on save it does not save at all for some reason. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you


I have attached a screenshot below which does show the Preview but if i hit save and try to open the form again it has disappeared all the changes.




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I'm having the exact same issue. After I save the changes and close the form displaying the custom formatting, the original form is still open. After I close that one, the form then looses all custom formatting.

Any help would be appreciated.
Just found something on another post and tried it. I added the JSON for the formatting, previewed it to make sure it was correct and then clicked save. With the form still opened I did a hard refresh (F5) and then opened the form again. All changes were there.

@kinscore - Can you help me with the Article from where you got this?

I tried to do what worked for you does not work for me! though