Sharepoint Online. Enter logic in custom list form

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After a few years disconnected from the evolution of SharePoint, I have emerged from the need to solve the problem of a client for SharePoint Online

  • Create a unique identifier type field. Desired format 6 numerical digits correlative.
  • Preload a value in a field after a change in other fields in the same list. The value depends on a logic according to the values ​​marked in the two fields that can be several
  • Preload a value in one field after a change in another. This value is collected from another list

My first approximation was the JS code that was executed in the creation and edition form of the list. I have found that by default it is not possible, besides that there is a modern view that has a DOM totally different from the traditional one.

I think about creating a web part to create a creation and editing form of my own, but it seems disproportionate to what needs to be done.

Could you have any indication of how to solve my requirements?


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Yes, look into using PowerApps custom forms for SharePoint. This makes this task very easy. Assuming this is end user submitted data that would be using a form then these fields populate from that.

Shane Young has some good videos showing this and look at his channel video's where you can find any other getting started information you'll need about PowerApps.

If you have a developer background (I guess so :-)), you can achieve this by means of a SPFx Field customizer...of course, you will need to get used to SPFx