SharePoint Online - Disable CEIP

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I am trying to disable the Customer Experience Improvement Program feature of SharePoint Online.


The CEIP feature runs a script on every page request that sends roughly 5 calls to the WsaUpload.ashx handler while the page is being loaded. This is causing a slight performance hit, and I'm trying to prevent the script from being called.


Other websites have recommending setting a JavaScript variable to disable this: "var g_wsaEnabled = false;"


I have tried this every which way to Sunday and cannot get the WsaUpload.ashx calls to stop.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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"Won't implement this, as this is stepping too much on SharePoint's shoes. Doubt this will make a difference anyway (I don't believe MS will allow a page that has no value slow down each page load with one second)."


The response in this thread is's almost as if the person got the request backwards in stating he didn't believe MS would allow this. In fact, Microsoft HAS allowed a feature with no value that is slowing down each page by one second.  


I want to REMOVE this feature...interestingly, the purpose of this script is for "Customer Experience Improvement", and it's having the opposite effect.