Sharepoint Online - Building Microsoft search in SPFx webpart

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I need a great help on creating Microsoft Search webpart in sharepoint online. I would like to use all the cognitive features and Microsoft search functionalities to bring the results in a single SPFx webpart.


This search webpart should have auto suggestion enabled, results from onedrive, O365, sharepoint. Please guide me on this. 

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You don't need to! Have a look at this amazing solution available under the PnP umbrella. If something is missing, I suggest you clone the repository, add the feature and if possible submit a pull request so others can also benefit from it.

I have just configured this web-parts in one my SP online Portal. I am going through the functionalities. Basically I am looking to search across one-drive , 0365 and SharePoint sites. I will look and explore the product. Thanka a lot :)  @Joel Rodrigues