SharePoint Modern Site Pages missing features

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The SharePoint admin at our company has recently created a hybrid on-prem site.  After the site was created I did a migration using ShareGate where an infopath form migrated as well as 3 designer workflows.  They want to continue using these for now before upgrading to PowerApps and Automate.


My problem:

I went to create a modern site page however a LOT is missing.  For example, when updating a banner, quick links or any other image, I do not have all of the normal options. I only have "Recent", "Site", "Upload" and "From a link".  I do NOT have "Stock Images" and "OneDrive".  Also, I do not have the option to do collapsible sections when creating the site pages.  


I have tried to do a lot of research but have not found anything.  I am wondering if the administrator created the site wrong or if it is a feature I need to activate, but I could not find anything.  Please let me know if you need more information.  Thank you!

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