Sharepoint List with Nested Field

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Apologies in advance case a similar discussion/topic already exists or were closed. I am quite new here and have found nothing "similar" in my searches.

So, with that said, here we go with the question:


In the company I work for we have recently migrated to Sharepoint and Ms Teams Online.

I got a task to convert an excel file we have been using to a Sharepoint List, in order to be able to use the new tools like Power Automate and Flow.


In this list I will have fields like State and City, in Drop-Down Menus. So if the user Select WASHINGTON in the State Drop-Down Menu, the next field (which is CITY) must shown ONLY the WASHINGTON state cities like Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma among others from Washington' state. If the user selects UTAH as state then the cities available for choose will be Salt Lake, Ognen, Provo and so on.


Does any one can give me a lil help on this? Just point the direction and I will run for it.


Thanks in Advance!!



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