SharePoint link pauses /_layouts/closeConnection.aspx?loginasanotheruser=false&Source=

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Within our company, we have multiple SharePoint sites over different Office 365 environments.


What we are trying to do is when a user clicks on a SharePoint link the user is first logged out of any other SharePoint sites on the different environment and then the credentials are asked for the new SharePoint environment. This works perfectly:



The problem arises when the user is not logged into any other SharePoint or office 365 environment. When the user clicks the link above it says “You’ve signed out of your account” but doesn’t request the credentials for the new SharePoint environment. It just pauses at “You’ve signed out of your account”. I have tried changing the properties from ?loginasanotheruser=false and ?loginasanotheruser=true but it still pauses.



Is there any way I can get the procedure to not pause, but redirect the user to the source SP site ? Are there other properties I can add to the SharePoint link that doesn’t make it pause?

Added properties

I hope you can help

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Thank you for the option.
I have not yet found one URL for both situations. (other then using the valid URL without properties)