Sharepoint Issue ? - Error moving a file to a doc library with lookup column ( Sharepoint Online )

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Hi all !


It seems it is not possible to move a document to a document library containing lookup fields.

This seems amazing to me so I must be failing at some point ...


Anybody can confirm that or give some help ? 


Step to reproduce :

- create a simple list with some items

- create a document library

- add a lookup column using the simple list

- move a document to this new library ( REST call or site interface )


=> we get the following error : "This operation is not supported"

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Lookup fields are always tricky and I think you have hit here a limitation...I will give a try when I found some free time

As I perform this task with code, I found a workaround by copying the file and then deleting the original file, which works.

I won a battle but lost my honor on this move ! ;)


I hope I can do better soon