SharePoint is Evolving - So Should your Customizations


Fellow MVP, Mark Rackley, is doing a webinar on SharePoint Customizations and what's new. Whether it's through the SharePoint Framework or any other method, the idea is to see how we did things before and what's the plan for the future. How can you adjust?

Dec 14th:

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I would like to see some additional focus/discussion on "non-developer" customizations.

I consider myself a pseudo-dev on the side, I understand lots of concepts, and know some languages, but I don't "really" do it.

Simple scripts in javascript, and simple HTML additions to a sharepoint page can make some major impact, and losing tools like the SEWP hurts. SPFX is way overkill IMO, and while it may make things better for legit developers, it greatly cripples people like me who will not become full developers. and its not a matter of "evolving"/learning new skills, that level of development is not in my swimlane, and it is not in my companies best interest that I become that.

What is the path if I want to embed a simple fancy 5 line HTML and CSS button onto a sharepoint page, I now have to gulp and serve and yo and a whole bunch of other terms I have no idea what they mean but I am following guides online. what would take me less than a minute before is now a crazy long process.

<end rant>
Hey Brent,

I agree! I myself am in the same position and have seen SharePoint Designer and InfoPath get taken away with nothing really taking its place.
Some will argue PowerApps is here to fill that void, but it is (at least for me) too complicated to use still, though a lot of work is going into making it easier.

The Content Editor Web Part is still here and allows you to add HTML, CSS, JS on pages. To deploy a similar solution, the SPFx will be the solution along with a number of other benefits. But as you say, not for me.

For now I still do a lot of work with the Content Search/Search Results and Display Templates, hoping to see more coming along for "Power Users".

I can tell you that Microsoft has heard this feedback, as I gave it in person to the team a few weeks ago. Hope we will see more in 2017 perhaps or the start of something new :)