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Good evening Everyone,


I've decided to start this thread, because I have a little headache after couple days of searching the path I should take, to impreve my knowledge of Sharepoint development.

Maybe a little background first - so I work with the SharePoint platform since couple years. I started with the SP2010 + Nintex, next I switched to the SPO with available tools like Designer, InfoPath, Power Automate, PowerApps.

I could never call myself a developer, because I use mostly OOTB features and for sure I don't know all of them, but let's say I feel comfortable working that way. 
Also using HTML, CSS and ready JavaScripts wasn't a problem.
I mostly use classic view rather then modern view, as I don't have proper knowledge of the customizing pages and lists in modern experience.


At this point, I thought it would be good to go the the next level and try something new, especially thet I have a feeling, that classic view is getting old and could be unsupported in a while, and then all my current tools will have to be rebuilt.


I've started with the information that I already made a small research, but I feel like I know right now less than earlier...

I've read about the SPFx, PnPjs, WebPack, TypeScript, Office UI Fabric, Angular, SPService and so on and I can't get it streight in my head.

I'm sure in some cases I don't have proper fundaments like programming language to understand them, from the other hand I feel some of them could be outdated and using them was good for the classic view.


I know there are many chalenges and approaches of achiving the goal making the SP tools, but I would like to ask you for some advice...
Where should I start, what tools are you using in your projects and what are the good practies.


I think my main goal for now is to start using modern view with it's all pros, but I need to know how to customize the lists in order to hide the view selector and display them on the full screen, but also customize the pages and forms to make them preetier, fancier and user friendly.

Could you also suggest some next steps should I take, in order to squeeze even more from the logic/programming point of view in SharePoint.


I know I'm asking on a very high level and maybe I've mixed up many different threads in one, but I would be very thankful for any advices.


Thank you and take care! :)

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My tip is,

Go a basic React Course and learn to code in React! Ground up, as majority of webparts and spfx development is React. This will give you a greater understanding how everything works :)

Exerism is a good way to test yourself

After that you can start doing SPFX development as the pricincible is the same, just that you use some more specific M365 libs. You can look at community developed webparts to learn how to solve stuff and see how they did, analysing code and trying to understand does alot!
Don't stress, take your time.

Thank you @NicolasKheirallah for your suggestion regarding React :)

Thanks also for the Exerism suggestion - it looks as a nice learning platform.

I'll take some time do dive into it and we'll see what will be next ;)


Have a nice weekend.


Learn to code with React by enrolling in a beginner React course! React is used extensively in webpart and spfx development. You'll gain a better knowledge of how everything.