Sharepoint Hubsite in Teams with Viva Connections - hub menu bar disappears in SP document libraries

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Hi. I have added my SharePoint Hubsite to the MS Teams main menu, as an App, using Viva Connections. This allows my users to access their SharePoint sites (where we keep most of our docs) direct from within Teams. The Hubsite tool bar contains links to all my team sites and their document libraries. Like so.... Hub1.pngI've noticed that when I open a linked site's library from the Hubsite menu bar above, the hubsite navigation (usually - not always) disappears in the library screen, so that my users get marooned in a library. 



When this happens the Hubsite button in the Teams Navigation bar also becomes inactive. And the Teams back arrow doesn't work either. Is this a bug? Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



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Hello @Victoria Symons 


hmm, i can't reproduced your behavior, on my tenant (target release) it looks good and links to libraries in Viva Connections opens with an existing hub navigation.


Please check:

- Is your site, with the library, associated to the hub?

- How looks you library link in the hub navigation? 

Use the link direct to your view:



not with view id: 



Thanks for feedback.


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr 

Hi Dave, Thanks for coming back to me.
All the sites shown are associated with the Hub. All the libraries are on the Hub associated sites.
The site links are all in this format
All the library links are in this format

The Hub link in Teams is showing strange behaviour.
1. If I click on the Hubsite link when I first open up Teams, it is active and does take me to my Hubsite as expected. When I'm on the Hubsite homepage and click back on the Hubsite link in Teams I see the connected sites in the side menu like so... This I think is the expected behaviour. 


2. At the next level, when I select a linked Team site, I often lose the Hubsite bar. This does not happen every time I open a site - but once it does - I can't get back to the Hub

3. At the next level, when I select a linked Team site libraries - same thing - there no hubsite tool bar or even indication as to which site you are on.

At this point the Hubsite button in Teams also becomes inactive, marooning the user where they are. 
Moving between the Teams Apps on the Teams toolbar doesn't force a refresh either - so a library is a dead end for the user. 


This rather makes the whole thing useless. 


Thanks for your help, Vicki

So I added the Hubsite app to our tenant using a powershell script.
This looks like there is a new inbuilt way to do to it.

Hello @Victoria Symons 


yes, please try to use the default app:


I'm looking forward to your feedback.


Best, Dave

Ok I deleted my first app and set it up again using the default viva connections app preloaded to Teams and exactly the same thing happens.
Was wondering if it's something to do with the links. In the Hub Nav there are different options, Link, Associated hubs & Associated Child Hubs. I've used the standard 'link', because my child/team sites are not 'hubs'.

Hello @Victoria Symons 


can you try a link from your home site (to a library) and from a hub associated site (from a library too)?


Regards, Dave

Hi Dave. I'm not sure what you mean - I think I had the right type of link - the others I mentioned above didn't work.

I found another post mentioning same thing..
Hi Dave,
I have set this up in 6 of my tenants. They are ALL displaying this behaviour. It doesn't happen on every click - but if I click around the hub menu for half a dozen times - it will. The problem is particular noticeable when I go from one document library on a site, straight to another library on a different site, without opening the site first. ie use a sub link from the hub.
I also notice that when I use the Hub menu in SharePoint, I often have to click a link twice before it opens. ... a caching issue?
I have used the 'all items' link without the view id.
Best, Vicki