SharePoint Fx Client Side WebPart with audience targeting?


It looks like we can/may/must build the Client Side WebParts 100% ourselves.

Do we have to built the Target Audience functionality ourselves as well?

Or will Microsoft wrap some default SharePoint WebPart functionality?

JSLink is another obvious one (to me) as well, looking at an 'old' WebPart Properties pane.

There are probably more.


Sorry, (and I am really trying)

but I still have the feeling SPFx dropped me in the Sahara..

with the most fantastic/awesome/fabulous Client/Server/whatever Side toolset (I don't master yet) to survive...

But I'm still stranded in the Sahara


I do like the new possibility to edit HTML and JS files with the (new) built-in editor

With some minor GreaseMonkey tinkering I now have the regular CEWPs (where Fronteers have done their magic for some 12 years) pimped into a modern age version... no more messing around with Open-With-Explorer and Mapped Network drives that slowed down development in your IDE (in my case WebStorm).


That is what I originally thought Fx would be... a CEWP on (VSCodeOnline) steriods


Back to my question, how do we do Audience Targetting with Fx?




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Hi Danny,


At the moment, I'm afraid, audience targeting is on the shoulders of a developer, who can add Target Audience group picker property (custom one for sure) and code for it hiding/showing the web part. Sounds awful? Maybe, but SPFx is a preview or even a proven vision, so it's a question of time and a list of helpers which will be added in future.

Target Audience mimic could be done even now with some additional affords.


The toolchain used in SPFx can be applied for CEWPs on steroid development as well. This approach is applicable for development process when the source control (git) is used and tasks automation advantages. 

From this side, SPFx can stimulate migrating to the way of creating web applications in a bit more robust and reusable way as before.