SharePoint Framework reaches general availability!

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Hello Developers,

The SharePoint Framework has now reached General Availability! You can read more details around this on the Office blog.  SharePoint Framework lets developers create fast, responsive web parts using modern client-side developer techniques and tooling.  Now that SharePoint Framework is Generally Available, you can install GA SPFx tools, and deploy your SharePoint Framework web parts and components to Office 365 production sites.


One quick note:  The SharePoint Framework General Availability tools release is now available via NPM, and GA infrastructure has been deployed to some Office 365 tenancies.  We expect to complete rollout to all Office 365 tenancies over the next week.

We’re really excited to see how you’ll take your SharePoint sites further with amazing new SPFx web parts.  From our end, reaching General Availability for SharePoint Framework is just the start.  We’re working on new upcoming capabilities for the SharePoint Framework, including on-premises support and new development scenarios – stay tuned!

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Any timeframe on how long is going to take make it available to all tenants?

We're looking to have it fully deployed by end of next week.. hope this helps.

Hi @Mike Ammerlaan,


I tried searching the net but did not find a clear answer yet. SPFx web parts are only for modern pages, I guess? In other words, can I use SPx for "regular" SharePoint sites, like teamsites?


Thanks, Mike

How different is the Framework for the UX/UI components for branding?

Specifically, was looking to take this MS course below.

It goes into Design Manager, Master Pages, CSS, layouts, etc.

We are going all in on SharePoint Online in the O365 tenant.

My concern is that with the new Modern Publisher tools this training might be quickly dated and better to perhaps wait out the new version?




Course 55081 : Basic SharePoint Server 2013 Branding

This two-day instructor led course is intended for those interested in learning how to customize the look of SharePoint Server 2013 through the concept of Branding. Includes:



  • » Convert a HTML page to a Master Page
  • » Working with Master Pages using Design Manager
  • » Use the Snippet Gallery
  • » Use Design Manager with Page Layouts
  • » Create a Design Package
  • » Understand Cascading Style Sheets
  • » How SharePoint server uses CSS
  • » Using CSS in SharePoint
  • » Explain Web Content Management
  • » Utilize Web Parts for Content Rollups
  • » Create Display Templates


Hi @Kathleen Lynch


So it's definitely not an apples to apples with that class. At this point the SharePoint Framework really covers the development pattern for building webparts for both Modern & Classic Style pages. It doesn't currently cover the majority of requirements for branding a SharePoint site. 


There's a good article which covers the current gap of customizations that are possible with modern sites/pages. Basically it's most of the content of the course that you have outlined.


If you have requirements now to brand your environment (maybe Intranet homepage, etc.) then I would recommend you still consider taking that course. There's also other elements such as creating Display Templates which at this point do not have a replacement.


There is a chance at the upcoming SharePoint Virtual Summit that new features might be available - maybe they will enable some customization options but it depends if your business can really wait for that or not. 


I would also say of the elements listed - these are likely useful to you no matter what changes are made to how we can customize SharePoint:

  • » Understand Cascading Style Sheets
  • » How SharePoint server uses CSS
  • » Using CSS in SharePoint
  • » Explain Web Content Management
  • » Utilize Web Parts for Content Rollups
  • » Create Display Templates
Jared, thanks for your reply. This is really useful info and some great resources.