SharePoint Framework : error loading jquery in SharePoint workbench (jquery web part tutorial)

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I'm following the step by step Jquery web part tutorial; when loading the web part in the SharePoint workbench , I get the error : Error: Unable to load web part script resources due to: Error: Error: Unable to load script https://<mymachine>:4321/jquery Error loading as "jquery" from at https://<mymachine>:4321/node_modules/@microsoft/sp-client-preview/dist/sp-client-preview.js:17250:32


And indeed, when I type  I get the error message "The specified blob does not exist"


Any idea ?


Thank you


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Hello Serge,


I have a similar problem trying to embed Bootstrap Progress Bar. At least for jquery I solved the problem by following a post from Waldek Mastykarz who adds a full url to the externals section of the config.json.


Kind Regards