SharePoint Framework Development Environment with Node.js LTS 8.11.1

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Hi All

I am trying to setup a development environment with Node.js LTS 8.11.1. When I create my first SharePoint framework project, the process hangs up while installing the dependencies. It has been going for more than 10 hours and it never seems to end. I did a CNTL-C and got out and restarted it and I have the same problem.

Is there any particular version of Node.js which I should be installing for SharePoint Framework? Any tips or thoughts will be appreciated.



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this turned out to be a corporate policy restriction that I cannot copy to my external hard drive attached to my corporate laptop. "npm install" just was spinning for 10 hours and it never gave me any meaningful message.

I am able to create the SharePoint Framework project on my local c: with nodejs 8.11.1 without any issue.