SharePoint Framework client-side web part samples

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has anyone tried and got the video library samples here to work


I am getting these errors

Error - typescript - node_modules\@types\webpack-env\index.d.ts(186,13): error TS2403: Subsequent variable de
must have the same type. Variable 'require' must be of type '{ (path: string): any; (paths: string[], callba
ules: any[]) => void): void; resolve: (...', but here has type 'NodeRequire'.
Error - typescript - node_modules\@types\webpack-env\index.d.ts(233,13): error TS2451: Cannot redeclare block
iable 'DEBUG'.
Error - typescript - typings\@ms\odsp.d.ts(7,15): error TS2451: Cannot redeclare block-scoped variable 'DEBUG
Error - 'typescript' sub task errored after 6.15 s
"TypeScript error(s) occurred."


Research shows it has something to do with wepack-env.d.ts and node.d.ts. I am not familiar with typescript, any suggestions?

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can yo try deleting webpack-env from your @types folder?

If you delete webpack-env it should work.

This is realted to a previous question :

well it did compile with warnings but when the webpart shows up in the workbench i am getting js errors failed to load resource Is that even a reall api and iif not where do i go to configure it to point to a real api

the webparts need to run on a sharepoint page. they do not work on the local workbench