SharePoint Form Width

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I have a SP list with a custom form. The form width was wider after I did the Json formatting but now the form is narrow again so the header is crammed together and looks bad even with the custom Json. Is there a way to set the width manually in the Json?



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Maybe there is a bigger problem. I see now that my image column fields have all been moved to the bottom of the form. When I use "Edit Columns" to try and move them back to the correct locations it does not save and they are all right back at the bottom. Is there an issue with SP or the forms today? It was fine yesterday.

I believe this is a bug, can anybody confirm? Only appears to happen with some of the image columns. When I open the form, select edit columns and reorder the columns. Then hit save and the form is correct. Next close the form and open again, the form is still correct. Refresh the list page and open the form, the order is reverted back. Tried clearing all my cache in the browser. Happens in both Edge and Chrome, no updates showing.

Any ideas or conformation of this?