SharePoint External List Permissions

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I created an External List on Sharepoint that gets data from SQL server.  On My account I can see the list data and everything works ok.  I want to grant access to a group of users (Basically the whole team)  I added the whole team to the sharepoint site and everyone can access it ok.  However when they go to the list with External conetent I get:


Access denied by Business Data Connectivity.

Correlation ID:dd5d6f9f-2054-a000-87b8-8c3592d584a7


What I did to try to fix:

I updated the BCS External content type permissions to include the group (Sharepoint Admin > BCS).  Currently I gave them all the permissions (Edit, Execute, Selectable in Clients, Edit Permissions).  I also set MetaData Store permissions to also include this group.  There I also gave them all permissions like above.  I have made these changes over 24 hours ago and none of the users can access the list.  They all get the same error. 


What am I missing?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Figured it out... The group that I used was a group that was already created by the company and I did not notice that the group was an "Office 365" group and not a "Security Group".