sharepoint development resources for 2018?

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I am a sharepoint o365 power user and I want to learn sharepoint development any suggestion where I can find training for 2016 or sharepoint o365 for development cause all what I've found is for sharepoint 2013 development so I'm not sure the 2013 edition is it the same as 2016 or o365. The resources I have checked so far udemy and linkedin learning and most of the on-demond websites such as infotrek.

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Hi @Abdallah Rizk


Personally, I would invest all the time on learning SharePoint Framework.

You can get started here 

The link contains lot's of documentation and tutorials, plus check the PnP channel on YouTube as it contains tutorial videos and samples that cover most of the common scenarios.


If you want to go with something that goes into more detail after that, I would suggest Voitanos training courses (sorry for the promo, I'm just a happy user, no other benefit here).


Hope that helps





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Hi Abdallah,


Like @Joel Rodrigues said, SPFx is probably where you want to be, as future development is all going that way.


In addition to that though, what is your situation right now? Are you looking to become a SharePoint developer, or just learn some development for your current environment?


Also, are you a developer already? Do you know any programming languages? If not, and you choose the SPFx route, you probably want to start by learning JavaScript then React, then TypeScript and finally applying them all in SPFx. I like Udemy courses. Pluralsight has some great ones as well.


I wanna be a sharepoint developer. Currently, I am a sharepoint power user I used to be mvc 5 developer. I have experience on asp mvc 5 c#, java, JavaScript css and html and ms sql, and I have a basic background on angular 2. 



It sounds like you've got a great start. You know JavaScript, you know SharePoint. I would continue down that path and learn React and TypeScript and do some Udemy and Pluralsight courses on modern SharePoint Development (SPFx).