SharePoint Dev Ecosystem / Patterns and Practices - August 2017 monthly community call recording



This is the recording of SharePoint Dev Ecosystem / Patterns and Practices (PnP) community call from Tuesday 8th of August 2017. PnP monthly community calls are for covering latest updates in the SharePoint Dev Ecosystem, including latest videos, documentation, and samples.


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Here's agenda for August 2017 call with direct links to specific sections, if you want to directly jump to a specific topic (will move to PnP YouTube Channel).


  • July 2017 PnP component usage and GitHub metrics - 2:16
  • Most accessed samples during July 2017 in SharePoint GitHub organization - 5:52
  • New and updated samples, solutions and components with this release - 9:14
  • Community contributors and companies which have been involved - 12:44
  • Demo - Tenant-Scoped deployment option for SharePoint Framework solutions - Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft) - 16:27

  • Demo - What's included and how to use the new 201705 preview schema for PnP provisioning engine - Bert Jansen (Microsoft) - 24:31
  • Demo - Application Customizer SharePoint Extension sample showing due tasks dynamically for the specific user - Alex Terentiev (SharePointalist) - 33:07

  • Demo - React Content By Query client-side Web Part - Simon-Pierre Plante (SPP Technologies) - 37:37

If you have any questions related to covered topics or any other feedback, do not hesitate to start a discussion.

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