Sharepoint aspx files openning behavior

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I'm using Sharepoint online and i'm trying to open a .aspx file in browser from a document library.

However, when I try to open the file, the browser gives me a download of it...I want it to show the .aspx in browser. 


* I tried from two different 'accounts'. My personal sharepoint account, wich I have access to the admin center, and my enterprise account, wich i don't . It seems to work on my personal account, but not working on my enterprise account. The site collection I've created in my personal account was "Developer Site". And I think my enterprise have a "Team Site". Does this in interfere in something ? 


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Might I ask how did you create the aspx page? By the way, I assume this is not a SPO page, so it's expected you have this behavior when clicking on the aspx page

Yeah Juan, it is a normal web page, not a SPO page. 

But, when i try to open the same page in my private sharepoint account, it shows in browser perfectly. 

So I need to discover what configuration is affecting it.