Sharepoint as cloud storage for a system

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Hi Im analizing the use of sharepoint as cloud storage for a system in development. The main use of this is for Word and PDF Files.


Im wondering how should I use the licenses in this case. 

I pretend to have around 200 users, so I have too many questions, maybe you can tell me where is the best place for read about it.

¿should I have a licence of Microsoft for each user? 

¿Could I use one unique licence for the whole system? In this case, ¿how I will see the change control functionality in mi words files. ?


thank you in advance!



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@gteibo1 Any user that is going to access your SharePoint Online environment is required to have a user license. That means if you have 200 users, you need 200 licenses.

@Beau Cameron 


But they they wont access to sharepoint online. They will access to my website. I pretend to list folders and files from sharepoint through APIs.
Is that possible with only one licence? or they need to have licenceses to see content?

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@gteibo1 Nope. If accessing the files via the UX or via an API, all users would require a license. You may want to look into Azure Storage for your implementation.

@gteibo1 we are planning to do the exact same thing. Have you find any more answer to your question? I plan to have only one "system" user (with a licence) that accesses the Sharepoint Online via the API. Then, my 200 users won't need any licence.

BUT, in the case I'd want my user to access Online Sharepoint interface or sync documents on their local computer, I assume I will 

  • Create programmatically a MS account to allow them to sync the shared folder
  • Use their MS account (assuming they already have a O365 account via their own organization)

What do you think of that?


I'm considering to use Amazon S3.  I realized that our users maybe will grow up to 1000, and we dont want to maintain all of those Sharepoint Licences.
If you use only one licence, you probably cant use version control, neither word online or colaboration between users in the same document.